Fashion Junkies – Best film under Oslo Trend Film Festival 2015

At Oslo Trend Film Festival 2015 August 22 2015, the amazing film “Fashion Junkies” won 4 out of 8 categories

Best Film
Best Plot
Best Model
Best Music
Fashion Junkies
This fashion film was created by The German Designer Nina Athanasiou

OTFF Jury:
OT Magazine editor and Stylist: Tommy Løland
Make Up Artist: Sølvi Strifeldt
Fashion Photographer: Oktawian Gornik
Film director: Aleksander Dario (Filthy Frames)
Skjermbilde 2015-09-10 kl. 17.22.47

Oktawian Gornik writes: Fantastic cast mixed with rocky music and those dynamic cuts drowned in moody light leave us hypnotized.

Fashion Junkies
Name of creators
Brand: Nina Athanasiou
Producer: Nina Athanasiou
Director: Huba Barat
Camera: Patrick Calderwood
Assistant: Art Davis
Edit: Denis Marx
Music: Alvin Scott Barnhill
Models: Shaun Ross, Diandra Forrest, Melanie Gaydos, Alvin Scott Barnhill, James Gallagher, Brett David, Elliott Sailors, Adam Santos-Coy

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